Hello there!

I'm Camille Arnold, aka Millie, a 23 years old freelance model/content creator, from "San Diego, CA"...actually Oceanside, CA but no one ever knows where that is so I'll save you the trouble from doing extra research.

Creating art is my passion. 

Art defined is "The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination...producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power." (Wikipedia)

I was born a creative junkie, always finding joy in the many ways of expressing myself;  acting, dancing, singing, baking, playing musical instruments, taking pictures, journaling etc. 

In October 2017, I discovered a new form of expression, one I would very quickly fall in love with; modeling.

Modeling, similar to dance, was using my body to tell a story. The intriguing aspect was having to tell a story with just one simple moment...one press of a finger...one click. Modeling, as a career or passion is often misunderstood. Most models might agree that standing in front of a camera isn't about "Look at me!" or "I'm so beautiful". Models want to tell a story through every captured pose, every image. Modeling is an art platform that has now given me another avenue to express myself.

My hybrid style of vibrant creativity and spirited storytelling has led me to work with brands like Daniel Wellington, BootayBag, Members Only, Wellness Bottles and a few local businesses in my area.

As my skills and experience grows, I endeavor to become an accomplished model and content creator, creating capture-able moments that tell relatable stories for other businesses and photographers.

One of my dance teachers used to say, "Find the joy", in everything we did in class no matter how tiring or painful it was. I now carry that motto with me everywhere I go and will continue to "Find the joy" in everything I do.